Research topics

Current topics of interest include: Decision Modeling, Process Modeling, Decision & Process Mining and Analytics, Decision Tables & Business Rules

Decision Modeling

Most processes incorporate decisions of some kind. Decisions are typically based upon a number of business (decision) rules that describe the premises and possible outcomes of a specific situation. Decisions should be regarded as first-class citizens.

Mining & Analytics

Business decisions are important, and often need to be discovered using state-of-art intelligent techniques. Decisions can be the result of complex analytics (decision mining).

Decision & Process INTEGRATION

It is not considered good practice to model detailed decision paths in the business process model. Separating rules and decisions from the process simplifies the process model (separation of concerns).

Decision Tables & Rules

The power of decision tables and table structures is to model, represent, and implement complex decision situations in a compact way, easy to check for completeness, consistency, and correctness.

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