Research chairs


  • 2018 – 2022 ING Research Chair: Applying deep learning on meta-data as a competitive accelerator

In the banking sector (but not only there), the quality of data an metadata is key to regulatory compliance and the agile development and swift launch of new services and product. The purpose of the chair is to investigate the use of analytics, deep learning en reinforcement learning to create, improve and manage meta-data, with the goal of improving the quality of data and meta-data.

Chairholder: Snoeck, M. / Co-holder: Vanthienen, J., Baesens, B. / Researcher: Frans, Jeroen


  • 2015 – 2018 Bpost Bank Research Chair: ACT: Actionable Customer AnalyTics

The purpose of the Chair is to investigate the use of advanced Analytics in customer segmentation and profiling. Research topics: customer lifetime value (CLV), validation, backtesting and benchmarking of CLV models, evolution and prediction of customer profiles based on dynamic behaviour.

Chairholder: Vanthienen, J. / Co-holder: Baesens, B. / Researcher: Oskarsdottir, María

  • 2014 – 2017 Colruyt – Symeta Research Chair: Smart Data and Decisions in Marketing

Het doel van deze leerstoel is om onderzoek te verrichten omtrent een generische methodologie voor customer segmentation. Onderwerpen: het identificeren van KPI’s voor segmentatie; het opstellen van frameworks voor data quality measurement en management; het bestuderen van Netlift modellering; het ontwikkelen van winstgedreven evaluatie maatstaven; het ontwikkelen van validatie, backtesting en benchmarking raamwerken.

Chairholder: Vanthienen, J., Co-holder: Baesens, B.and Lemahieu, W., Researcher: Lismont, Jasmien

  • 2006 – 2008 Microsoft Research Chair: Intelligent Environments

The Microsoft Research Chair on Intelligent Environments is dedicated to the multidisciplinary opportunities and challenges in intelligent environments where technology moves to the background and becomes part of our intelligent daily life environment. The chair mainly consists of a series of lectures and research activities in an interdisciplinary context.

Chairholder: Lemahieu, W. and Vanthienen, J.

  • 2000 – 2005 PwC E-Business Chair: Research and business education on E-business

The chair consists of three components: E-Business Chair Lectures, Seminar E-Business and research collaboration. A series of lectures is offered concerning different important economic, business, technological and societal aspects of E-Business. These chair lectures aim at an integrated and interdisciplinary approach towards E-Business.

Chairholder: Vanthienen, J., Coordinator: Plessers, H.

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